Tytan Toolway Gun & Foam Bundle
Tytan Toolway Gun & Foam Bundle

Tytan Toolway Gun & Foam Bundle

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One can of Tytan Drywall Foam Adhesive covers the same as 12 tubes (1 case) of DSA20, Grabber, or Titebond Drywall Adhesvive

1 case of Tytan is = to 12 cases of DSA20

1 case of Tytan = $299.00

Save up to $1,000! Depending on application.

Gun = $19.99
Gun Cleaner = $9.99
1 Case of Tytan Adhesive = $299.00

Bundle Price: $315


Air leakage between drywall and studs can present builders with a serious problem and no good method to remedy the situation. Traditional caulk adhesives are difficult to apply, do not work well in cold weather, and shrink when they cure.

TYTAN Professional Drywall Pro is a foam adhesive that is easy to apply even to wet or frozen lumber. Engineered to be used on vertical surfaces, this adhesive applies as a foam and stays as a foam while it cures and expands to fill the gap between the studs and drywall.

Drywall Pro Establishes a solid bond that prevents screw pops and eliminates customer callbacks, while also sealing air penetration points behind the wall.

TYTAN Professional Drywall Pro is part of the TYTAN UP! Whole Home Air Sealing system. When used properly, this system can provide measurable improvement to blower door test results for air exchanges per hour.


  • Eliminates screw pops  
  • Fast and easy installation  
  • Improves blower door test results  
  • Does not shrink  
  • No solvents  
  • Twice as strong as leading caulk adhesives


  • All vertical surfaces, such as drywall, exterior sheathing and foam board
  • Adheres to wood, steel, brick and concrete
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